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I. Definitions

1 Whenever in these rules, the following terms will be construed in a manner described below:
a) The - Daniel Ślusarczyk, conducting business under the name "Sports Games" with its seat in Warsaw, ul. 66K Kielce, 05-500 New Iwiczna, VAT 6611314570, TAX 015 821 403, entered into CEIDG;
b) Participant - a person taking part in the activities organized and conducted by the organizer or operated by persons authorized by the organizer, in particular by instructors;
c) Client - a person contracting with the organizer for the provision of services referred to on the website of the organizer or participant who is simultaneously contracting on its own behalf to another participant;
d) Supervisor - a parent or another person who is the legal guardian of the child or the person liable for the temporary care of a child under a separate agreement with the legal guardians of the child;
e) activities - sports, swimming lessons conducted on one of the sports facilities, with the participation of children in the age determined in accordance with the information provided on the website www.naukaplywania.waw.pl, conducted by the organizer or by persons authorized by the organizer, in particular by instructors ;
f) course - a series of consecutive classes (occupational units), taking place on the conditions and time limits specified in the voucher,
g) The booklet - printed by the client document containing data on the conditions of participation in classes and entitlement to participate in certain of its content classes.

II. General Provisions

1 The organizer of the course of learning to swim and own a website www.naukaplywania.waw.pl, by means of which are sold passes for Daniel Ślusarczyk, conducting business under the name "Sport Games" based in New Iwiczna, ul. 66K Kielce, 05-500 New Iwiczna, VAT 6611314570, TAX 015 821 403, entered into CEIDG (Central Register and Information on Business).
2 The object of the organizer is to educate sports, including running sports and recreational activities for children. Sale of vouchers for classes is done using the form available on the Internet www.naukaplywania.waw.pl.
3 swimming classes are organized in the following sports facilities:

a. Pool and Recreation Centre Ochota, Rokosowska 10, Warsaw,
b. Recreation Centre Dolphin Swimming Pool Will, Kasprzak third, Warsaw,
c. Bemowo Recreation Centre Swimming penguin, st. Oławska 3a, Warsaw.

4 Each of the sites listed in section 3 ac has its own rules of procedure, including also has concepts in the field of health and safety regulations and fire. In accordance with applicable rules and regulations, rules are acts which regulate the internal relations of institutions which established them, because using these facilities are required to strictly comply with these regulations whilst in these objects, insofar as those standards do not conflict with the generally applicable.
5 It is recommended that using the above-mentioned objects are familiar with the internal rules of sports facilities listed in Section 3 ac.
6 This Regulation lays down rules for the purchase of vouchers and conditions of participation in the classroom learning to swim and other issues related to the implementation of activities.
7 In matters not regulated herein, the appropriate provisions of law in force in the territory of the Polish Republic.
8 The provisions of these regulations are not intended to exclude or limit any rights of the customer who is also a consumer within the meaning of the Act of 23 April 1964 - Civil Code (Journal. Laws No. 16, item. 93, as amended.), He is entitled to by mandatory provisions of law. In the case of non-compliance of the provisions of these Regulations to the above provisions, priority is given to those provisions.

III. Ticket

First pass authorizing the admission to class customer purchases through the website www.naukaplywania.waw.pl.
2 The customer may purchase season tickets through the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
3 The cost of the carnet determines pricing and policy booklet provided by the organizer. Pricing and policy booklet also determine promotion policy and discount.
4 The organizer reserves the right to change pricing and policy booklet. Changing pricing and / or policy booklet does not apply to contracts already concluded.
5 In order to purchase the carnet should be available on the website to choose your preferred form data concerning:

a. Basin,
b. age of the child,
c. day of the week
d. Instructor.

6 After specifying the above data on the website will be information in the form of a table with a number of free places in the group. In order to successfully purchase the carnet must select one of the proposed activities, and follow the instructions on the screen. In order to complete the procurement process, the customer should accept the information sent and the policy booklet and click APPLY.
7 Then after successfully completing the form on the web page given in the application client's e-mail will be sent confirming the initial booking.
8 The form must also complete the information on the child's health and the absence of contraindications to participate in the classes. Having regard to the health and well-being of the participants, the organizer asks caregivers about truthful statements in this regard.
9 Organizer informs the customer about the sanitary conditions prevailing at the site in order to verify client or participant's health, in particular the minor participant, allows you to participate in the classes.
10 The organizer shall not be entitled to carry out medical research in this field, it is recommended that parents or legal guardians of minor participants on their own before the start of classes should consult with a competent physician.
11 Information on karnetach entitling to attend the classes presented on the website www.naukaplywania.waw.pl not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code; are invited to enter into a contract of sale.
12 The choice of classes and placing an order by a customer constitutes an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, submitted to the organizer of classes by the buyer.
13 The contract is concluded upon successful receipt of payment for the seizure by the Organizer or sending an email biuro@naukaplywania.waw.pl generated by a bank customer to confirm the transfer.
14 It is possible to receive an invoice by the customer. The customer is requested to report the desire to receive an invoice immediately after the transfer if you choose this method of payment, no later than 7 days after the posting of receivables.
15 The organizer of classes allows the following forms of payment:

a. Payment by bank transfer to the designated bank account
b. Another way agreed with the client.

16 Customers are asked to print sent in electronic form booklet and show it before classes the teacher or other person authorized by the organizer. Acquisition carnet means buying activities in the group. Ticket entitles you to participate only in activities which have been identified in a complex order. Pass does not entitle to participate in activities other than those indicated in its content.
17 Paragraph 13 of this Chapter shall apply in the case of selection by the customer in the form specified in section 15 and

IV. Organization swimming classes

1 Group classes are held once a week on the basis and according to schedule.
Second pass entitles you to participate in activities specified in the voucher, according to the order placed by the form. Other activities unrelated to activities (sauna, jacuzzi) are payable in addition.
3 In the hand of a sports facility where classes are held, there is a possibility to buy additional facilities (sauna, jacuzzi). The cost of additional facilities is given in the price list in force at the sports facility.
4 Because of the mandatory standards for safety regulations and other relevant legislation, the number of people benefiting at the same time with swimming pool, in particular, the number of children participating in activities conducted by one instructor is limited. The entry on the list of participants determines the correct order notifications and, if you choose payment via bank transfer, the presentation of proof of payment.
5 Therefore, the pass entitles you to admission to a specific series of classes (specific age group, date and place of classes, instructor) in the absence of the child in the activities of his group is not possible to participate in the activities of another group (at another time, on in another facility, with another instructor). Each group is run another series of classes, adapted according to the age and ability of the participant groups because the change would also be detrimental to the participant classes.
6 After having notified the client, the organizer may change the date or location, or instructor-led classes at other than those arising from the application form. In the event of changes in the conditions and timing of activities on the part of the organizer, the client may without giving any reasons to cancel the contract and resign from further participation in the classes. In such situations, the organizer will ask the customer amount for all classes yet unrealized, if any amount has been paid. The settlement amount for activities referred to above, shall be in accordance with the terms contained herein and the policy booklet.
7 In the case of non-schedule for reasons attributable to the organizer (in particular due to a breakdown, closing the sports facility and so on.), The organizer undertakes to provide classes at another time or in another facility, or with another instructor, or in another group. The expected changes organizer undertakes to inform the participants immediately by providing the information on the website of the organizer and / or by sending an e-mail to the address given in the application client and / or message indicated by the customer phone number of the SMS.
8 Participants who do not agree to change the conditions of the provision to the extent specified in point. 6 and points. 7 may withdraw from the contract and thus give up to participate in the activities carried out in another time or in another facility, or with another instructor, or in another group, and the organizer will pay the amount immediately for classes in which they will participate, as long as any amount has been paid. The settlement amount for activities referred to above, shall be in accordance with the terms contained herein and the policy booklet.
9 It is recommended that customers regularly checked the information available on the website www.naukaplywania.waw.pl and / or messages sent to the specified in the notification e-mail and / or SMS messages sent by the client to the specified phone number. Organizer provides on its website and / or transmits to specified e-mail address and / or sends to the specified phone numbers SMS information as to the changes in the dates, venues classes.
10 The organizer provides highly qualified swimming instructors who watch over the safety of the participants. The presence of trainers does not relieve caregivers of participants from the behavior of the elementary principles of care and supervision of minor participants in activities for which a statutory or contractually are obligated to supervise.
In accordance with Article 11. And Article 426. 427 of the Civil Code, minors under the age of thirteen, is not responsible for the damage. Compensation for damage caused by the person because of age or mental condition or bodily guilt can not be read, is obliged to that person who by law or contract is obliged to oversee this person.

V. Absence from classes

1 In order to facilitate their freedom of classes by the participants, prepared for clients electronic system for reporting absences and selection odrabianych classes.
2 The electronic system is open around the clock, so using it will greatly facilitate the filing and the choice of doing the course, what we encourage.
3 In order to use an electronic system doing classes, use the link available at:
4 In a situation where the client or participant, due to reasons attributable to the participant or client did not participate in class and not at all informed or not informed before the start of classes with at least one day in advance of the anticipated absence, the return of payment for canceled classes will not be . The organization of the course learning to swim is a service provided by the organizer and this means that the preparation of each activity generates the need to incur the fixed costs by the organizer and stay by him in readiness to deliver the service. This, in light of the applicable rules, it means that the benefit from the organizer has been met, and thus the costs were incurred, hence the failure to use the benefit of the participant or client does not authorize the return of the deposit in this area.
5 In situations where the client or participant, due to reasons attributable to the participant or client can not attend classes and informed about the expected absence of at least one day in advance before the start of classes, settlement is always an individual agreement with the client. Organizer, with the consent of the client, it may propose settlement absence of a participant, ie reduced lift pass prices for the next 10 zł per class.
6 Information on the expected absence can also be sent by email to the organizer. Office Organizer is open on weekdays from Monday to Friday 17.00-20: 00.
7 Information referred to above means that the organizer at 17: 00-20: 00 receives an e-mail correspondence, and all previously submitted applications as well as applications made during office hours about the lack of opportunities to participate in classes, are considered to be received in office hours.
8 entries made on public holidays shall be deemed accepted on the next working day the office at 17:00, so the time in the office organizer starts.
9 Given the above, it is recommended to use the electronic system doing activities due to the fact that in case of transfer activities through a system of classes will be able to be made up for in accordance with the order. In the case of applications made using the traditional method, ie. Via e-mail when notification would be in non-working day, after office hours and canceled classes przypadałyby the first working day during office where the organizer would take the message (in accordance with paragraph 6 of informing about hours and during office organizer) client application is not considered to be accepted in connection with the breach of its obligations set out in paragraphs 4 and 5, which in this case causes the inability to transfer classes at the date specified by the customer and the customer is not entitled to the settlement of absence referred to in paragraph 4 .
10 Organiser whereas the highest standard of service, based on the above regulations in the event of this situation as well as other situations that could cause misunderstanding between the organizer and the customer declares resolving the situation in a way that individually agreed with the client based on the rules of the pool and generally applicable law.

VI. Termination of the contract and resignation from further participation in classes

1 Participant may at any time withdraw from the contract and thus dispense with further participation in classes without giving a reason.
2 In order to avoid any disputes, a statement of withdrawal from the contract, and thus resign from further participation in the classes should be submitted in writing. A model statement of withdrawal from the contract available at withdrawal .
3 Organizer implements reimbursement rates for participants resigning from future classes. The amount payable shall be reimbursed in accordance with the terms provided services contained in the policy booklet, which the customer has agreed and accepted when writing classes.

VII. Privacy Policy
1 Administrator of data collected through the website is www.naukaplywania.waw.pl organizer.
Website www.naukaplywania.waw.pl second acts in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (t. One. OJ of 2002., No. 101, item. 926 d.) and the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws No. 144, item. 1204, as amended.).
3 The Administrator is authorized to disclose personal information only to persons authorized under the relevant provisions of the law.
4 The Administrator undertakes to protect the information provided by customers personal data against loss, destruction, disclosure, unauthorized access or improper use.
5 Administrator processes the personal data only for execution of contracts concluded via the website www.naukaplywania.waw.pl.
6 customer enters his personal data or personal information workshop participant needed to purchase the carnet voluntarily.
7 The customer has the right to inspect and modify his personal data at any time, as well as demand their removal from the database.
8 In order to implement these powers the customer can contact the administrator by sending an e-mail to the following address: biuro@naukaplywania.waw.pl or writing to: Sport Games, ul. 66K Kielce, 05-500 New Iwiczna

VIII. Cookies Policy

1 www.naukaplywania.waw.pl site uses cookies to collect information related to the use of the store by the customer.
Files of type 2 cookies are text files stored by your web browser on the client's computer, allowing the identification of the customer and fixing his preferences based on the history of visited web sites.
3 Files of type cookies allow you to maintain client session without having to re-enter your login and password on each page.
4 www.naukaplywania.waw.pl site uses the following cookies:

a. fixed
b. analytical
c. exterior.

IX. Final Provisions

1 Change the content of this Regulation may occur after informing clients about the range of anticipated changes no later than 14 days before the date of their entry into force. Orders placed during the term of the previous version of the Regulation will be implemented in accordance with its provisions.
2 Any disputes arising between the organizer and the client shall be settled by a court of general jurisdiction in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure.
3 Members may contact the organizer as follows:

a. e-mail: biuro@naukaplywania.waw.pl
b. Telephone: 501764363
c. writing to: Sport Games, ul. 66K Kielce, 05-500 New Iwiczna

2 Customers can get access to these Rules at any time via a link found on the homepage. These rules can be fixed, acquired and restored by its print or save it on the medium.
3 Name www.naukaplywania.waw.pl website and all materials contained on it are subject to copyright and are protected by law. Use and distribute them without the consent of the organizer is prohibited.
4 These rules apply from 16.10.2013 year.

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